Undertaken Farm Machinery project at an outlay of Rs. 150 crores.
TAPL is subsidiary of well established and BSE listed Titagarh Group.
Project is coming up at readily available Plant of 250 acres at Bharatpur.
76 acres land has been earmarked for the project in the first phase.
As good as new 60% infrastructure & machines available enabling us to complete the project at the record time and cost.
First and the only Tractor and Implement plant in Rajasthan
Plant is situated over 76 acres out of total land of 250 acres in Bharatpur, providing adequate scope for expansion.
Bharatpur has location advantage in terms of high tractor selling state in surrounding area.
Design & Development of tractors have been done in-house.
Products Range from 12 HP to 90 HP.
Plan to produce 50,000 tractors over 5 years time frames.